Wednesday, August 7, 2013

6 years and a few months pictures :)

Miss C asked if her 6 year photos could be done while we were at Wallowa on Vacation this year. I was so excited I had so many ideas running thru my head. I should have known better :)
When it came time to take pictures she was less then thrilled. My normally camera happy girl turned grumpy and annoyed. I was able to get a few pictures in before she completely gave up on the idea. Even though it did not go as I envisioned  I enjoyed our time together. 
  I love you so much my sweet girl. You are so grown up and yet still so full of imagination and wonder. I love to watch you get lost in a book, play with your friends and organize anything you can. I love your big hugs and contagious laugh. You have big dreams and the will to see them come true. I am so proud of you my sweet 6 year old!


Anonymous said...

Love this! Maybe next Wallowa trip you could do some family pictures:) She's beautiful just like her mama.

meg said...

Thank you Kindra! Would love to try and get some time in to do some family pictures.