Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Eve

After the morning photo shoot I met up with the family and we headed downtown Portland. I must Confess I did not have time to empty my photo card so the pictures were limited :)
Miss C brought her list so she would remember  all the things she wanted to tell Santa. Yes Mr C is wearing shorts and a tee shirt that is all he wears no days. I have been told this is common and I am hoping it is a phase that he out grows :)

 This year my youngest sis Melissa joined us! We meet up with all the Germers, the Kusses and even ran into my sister in law Kathy's sister and her two adorable little ones.  I was not able to get pictures of everyone but here are a few.

That night while the kids slept aunt sissa babysat and we joined some of the family for the TCC 11:30pm candle light service. Walt and Karen were asked to light the candles this year and asked Brian and I to help. It was so beautiful to see this dark room and all these candles glowing while soft Christmas carols were sung. An indescribably moving way to end a beautiful day.

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Love the pictures--
G & G-G