Thursday, October 4, 2012


 Miss C could not wait to play soccer this year! We were very excited she was on the green team Go Portland Timbers! I was even hoping she would get jearsy #6 or #7 after my two favorite players :)
Her favorite part of soccer is she gets to play on the same team as some of her very best friends.  Mom and Dad love that too, nothing like good friends, some sunny fall weather, and a game of soccer to start your Saturdays. I do mean start the day we have to be there at 8am! 

 Miss C and her BFF Miss L
 Two other best buddies on the team M and M. Can I just say I love watching these 4 girls. Each holds a very special place in my heart and I hope they stay buddies for a lifetime. 
She is loving it! Even after she was tackled and elbowed in the neck just in the first week. 
 Brother is loving it to because his good friend Mr J is there to play with. On this Saturday Mr J was teaching Mr C all about pokemon.

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goose and bear said...

I really love these, and the bond our 4 girls share. What a fun couple of months these will be, sharing Saturdays with such great company!