Friday, December 23, 2011

Letters to Santa

I love each year watching how there wants change and how each letter says more and more about who they are. I will be sad when they day comes when they no longer write letters to santa.

 Dear Santa,
   For Christmas I want a hula hoop, a nutcracker, a Starbucks card(so she can buy cake pops when ever she wants!) and a polly pocket please.
                 Miss C
I was nice. 2011 4 yrs

Dear Santa,
    For Christmas I want a DS and a nutcracker, Rayman origins the video game, and zelda game for DS,  and I want no monsters to tease me ha ha. I was not perfect but I was nice. and I want ghostbusters the movie number 1. I love you Santa!
*he made some fun game santa to do incase he gets bored.

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