Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Any ideas?

My friends and family I am needing your help. I am putting together a fun little Christmas advent for my kids that involves a craft or family activity everyday. Here is where your help comes in I need some ideas. I have a few already but would love to hear from all of you. What are some activities you do with your kids or remember from your own childhood? Any Blogs you love full of ideas?
Any crafts you are wanting to see how it works, we would try it out for you? Just leave a comment below and I will let you know how it all works out for us.
THank you!!!!


goose and bear said...

what a great idea! We are planning to do the same thing, an activity a day in an advent calendar that the kids can open each morning. I'm still looking for some ideas, too :)

We have simple things, like making home-made hot chocolate, Christmas movie night, and I got a lot of cool card/art activities from Kids Craft Weekly. I would really love to hear what other people (yourself included!) have come up with!

Jen said...

Michaels had some cool little craft sets made with the foam stuff and stickers to become picture frame and/or ornaments that were pretty cheap- I bought a few packs to do with my au pairs but they'd be good kid type activities too.

going to ceramicafe and painting ornaments would be fun too.

Becky said...

I have tons of materials for activities and things to make for Advent.. If you want to call me or come over and look through some of my stuff you are more than welcome to do that. I have past year's advent books that Cherie put out for families, many books and reproducible stuff that I use in SS.

Becky said...

One idea I heard about doesn't involve anything prepared except for an empty manger bed in a nativity set. Every time someone does something nice for someone else, they get to put a piece of "straw" or rafia in the manger bed to make it a nice, soft place for Baby Jesus. Then on Christmas Day, you add Baby Jesus. It encourages kids to think of others instead of "I want".

Becky said...

Another fun project is to let the kids cut out pictures from old Christmas cards to illustrate a very simple version of the Christmas story. You can write words on each page and they find a card with a picture to match the words and glue it to the page. I alternate green and red pages and title it My Christmas Story.